Ladder: The Useful Houshold Utensil

At home, sometimes you get a problem. It may be a problem about roof or ceiling. Do you get difficult when you want to repair the ceiling light? Or are you confused when you want to repair the roof? Sometimes these things are problems that you will find in your home. Ceiling and roof are top parts of the home. It is difficult to reach. But, I think it should not be a problem. This activity can be done easily if you have a ladder.

Ladder is a household utensil that can help you reach the higher space. Ladder is very useful. Usually, ladder is used by construction workers. But, sometimes you get a problem about your home and want to repair by yourself. When you want to repair ceiling light or roof, it will be easy if there is a ladder in your home. So that, you absolutely need a ladder in your home. Commonly, ladder is made of wood and metal.

There are various designs of ladder. You can choose based on your needs. Here is it.

1. Roof ladder
The shape of roof ladder is long. The length of roof ladder is about 3 meters. Of course, it is used to reach the roof. As you know that roof is very high. You need a large space to store roof ladder because it is long.

2. Extension ladder
Extension ladder is unique. It can be lengthen until 3 meters. It can also be used to reach the roof. Not like roof ladder, extension ladder can be stored in a narrow space.

3. Step ladder
Step ladder has two legs. It is shorter than the other ladders. Usually, it is used to reach something that not too high.

Ladder is a useful household utensil. You should have it in your home.

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